Content Poster Presents The Tequila and Mexican Food Festival The Tequila and Mexican Food Festival Event

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The Tequila and Mexican Food Festival
Hosted by: Content Poster

30 May 2022
22:37 .pm - 22:37 .pm

Cnr Willem Botha & Wierda Roads, Eldoraigne0157 Centurion, South Africa


OLA AMIGOS, get your Sombreros and Tequila faces ready. 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️

On 28 May 2022 The Original Tequila & Mexican Food Festival has something Beeg, very Beeg planned for you.🌮🌶...

Performance Line Up
12:00 Little Ringo
13:00 El Cantante
14:00 Rubber Duc
15:00 Refentse
16:00 Spoegwolf
17:00 Francois van Coke

🎧 Electronic Stage🎧
13:00 Kid Robot
14:00 Ryan North
15:00 JVE
16:00 Siann Sa...

✖ No children under the age of 18 
✖ Illegal substances
✖ No pool/camp-like umbrellas 
✖ Weapons/Firearms
✖ Cooler boxes
✖ Hubblies
✖ Bad vibes
✖ No seating gear/folding chairs/folding...

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