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MegaDose Ltd, An Effortless Online Marketing And M-Commerce Platform, Making African M-Commerce Shake and positioning itself as becoming one of the top local mobile online commerce gateways, providing our clients with the convenience of having an online marketplace at their fingertips which is based at mLab within The Innovation Hub.

The purpose of the platform is to provide clients (anymore with access to a smartphone) with the convenience of a cardless point-of-sale and online marketplace

With the MegaDose Apps, users can access additional information and payment processes via a custom generated QR-Code (the apps can be downloaded and found on the Google Play Store). In addition , street vendors are able to make transactions via our e-money payments via a MegaDosePay wallet.

Currently our platform is utilized by companies and accessed by customers within the events industry - users including artists, event companies, venue owners ,street vendors and more

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